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Driver CPC Training


Driver CPC is short for Driver Certificate of Professional Competence'. This is a relatively new qualification under the EU Directive 2003/59. CPC Driver Training qualification is essential if you are a professional driver of a lorry which is over 3.5 tonnes, or you drive a minibus, coach or bus or hold a licence in these categories; C1, C, CE, D1, D & DE, unless you qualify for an exemption.

It will be considered an offence if you are driving any of the above vehicles without this certificate and it will be renewable every 5 years. You will have to undergo 35 hours of periodic training during those 5 years to keep your Driver CPC.


A breakdown of the course modules includes:

  • Drivers Hours & Analogue Tachographs
  • Digital Tachographs
  • Vehicle and Load Handing Systems
  • Safe Vehicle Loading
  • Fundamentals of Safe, Economic & Defensive Driving
  • Standards for Safe Economic & Defensive Driving
  • Health and Safety in Transport
  • Personal Wellbeing & Safety in Transport
  • Company Procedures & Customer Care
  • Secure Transport Operations
  • Customer Care & Coping at the Sharp End
  • Emergency First Aid
  • Manual Handling
  • Vehicle Safety Checks and Hazard Awareness
  • Saving Fuel and Driving Safely
  • Reversing Vehicles
  • Fire Safety
  • Passenger Safety for Passenger Transport
  • Working Time & Drivers Hours
  • Lorry Loader Refresher Course
  • Forklift Refresher Course

Morgan Training Solutions can arrange Driver CPC Training at a number of training centres throughout the UK.

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